A portrait of Diego Valencia smiling

I'm Diego, a designer specialized in web and app products.

I have worked with a wide range of companies around the world, helping them build timeless and meaningful strategies, services and design solutions with real purpose and value.

I partner with companies of all sizes to identify pain points of their customers and think of better services to improve their experience. The combination of business goals, mixed with human necessity and solid designs is what I love and gets me going every day.
When working on projects, specific tasks include: user journeys, information architecture, user flows and wireframes, visual design, creation of style guides, design systems implementation and prototyping.

Grateful to work with top brands

I enjoy collaborating with companies within several industries.

Logo of PayPal

Product Designer

Joined the Venmo's design team to work on in-app QR Code experiences for individuals and businesses get and make payments.
Logo of DoorDash

Product Designer

Worked with the Money Team to ideate and create design solutions regarding financial services for dashers and consumers.
Logo of Quantum Talent

Experience Designer

Joined the product team to help define OKRs and initiatives that aimed to help companies recruit the best talent for their positions.
Logo of DRUO

Product Designer

Worked with the product team focusing on the strategy and experience of sellers to receive both in-person and online payments.
Logo of Kitchen United

Experience Designer

Helped polish the mobile app, website and kiosks for consumers to place orders. Also improved the internal products for kitchen members and staff.
Logo of Currnt

Product Designer

Worked directly with CEO and CTO to polish the design and strategy of the product, optimizing the user experience, increasing engagement and customer acquisition.
Venmo project

What's like to work with me

"Diego has a vast knowledge in managing customers and creating value on a fast pace with a short amount of direction and great results both in design and UX/UI. Great experience working with him!"
Daniel Martin

CEO, Equity Advisors

"I truly believe Diego's experience possesses a whole new level of creativity, uniqueness, and passion. In my company, everyone is amazed by his work and professional skills. He has a singular ability to walk you through his designs and processes which such clarity of explanation that sometimes makes you believe you are a designer just like him."
Nathalia Rueda

Technical Recruiter, NativApps

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I try to do my best work and be the best you can work with

My design process varies as it depends on the stage the company is in, its size and its design maturity.


I get a complete understanding of business' goals, needs and desires as well as user pain points, motivations and goals in order to develop a plan to improve their experience.


I start to figure out ways to mix business goals and user needs in every product. This stage typically involves competitor analysis, user journeys, information architecture and wireframing.

Solid design

I start designing the layout and components of the screens, always trying that the designs are clean and simple and make sense for everyone.


Projects are never finished. After we have launch a new feature or a whole MVP, we need to continue iterate on it to make sure we are providing the best user experience.