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What is your work discipline?

I aim for results. Always. I work hands on with your team and integrate into your workflow to create, polish and iterate your digital products and services.

What is your design process?

I need to understand your business and objectives. After I know where you want to go, I do my best to combine your users' needs and business' goals into the designs, that way we make sure you are satisfying your customers and your business is being profitable while doing so.

I typically work either with Founders and C-level people or project managers depending on the size of the company. Comfortable with speaking to end clients/users as well.

What is your timezone?

I can overlap most of my  working hours with EST, CT and PST. As far as Europe, Asia and Australia, we need to find the best way to collaborate and sync aiming for results.

How often can we meet?

As often as we see fit. I am always available over Slack or your tool of choice. However, unceasing meetings won't make the work any better or faster. I strongly believe and appreciate autonomy and love working with people that give me space and freedom to work and actually take some time to come up with solutions for the design challenges we are facing.

What software do you use?

I have been using Adobe XD and Figma for most of my projects. I have also work with Miro and Whimsicall for exploration and ideation processes.

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