This page is an attempt to collect the most commonly asked questions from recruiters as well as open questions about my work.

Where are you based?

I am currently living in Bogotá, Colombia and I work EST time. I can easily overlap with PST, CST and EST working hours. Other timezones may require further conversations to figure out how we can collaborate smoothly.

What tools or technologies do you use?

I use Figma as it is easier to scale design systems and collaborate with most teams. Also, Auto Layout has made my life way easier :).

I have also used Adobe XD to design and Miro/Whimsical for exploration and ideation purposes. Mostly Slack to communicate and sync.

What's your design experience and what's your journey been like?

After obtaining my degree in Graphic Design, I started to work for web agencies and also independent projects on my own, managing end to end communication with clients and stakeholders. Once I discovered the startups and the UI/UX world more in depth, I began to improve my skills in mobile apps, web design and platforms in general.

Download resume.

What's your design process?

I listed it here, but the TLDR is I start with discovery to fully understand your business goals and users motivations, then I ideate the possible ways to solve product challenges and start creating the artifacts and services to make it happen.

What's your preferred working environment?

I like to feel trusted by the team I am working with. I like to work with people that are open to receive my ideas and at the same time are kind to let me know when I am making mistakes or the results don't match what's expected. I always try to do my best work and be the best you could work with.

What are your rates?

That depends on the type of engagement you want to have as it is not the same to work on a one-time project you may have today than to embed myself in your team to work on how to solve long-terms challenges. Let's chat to figure out the best way to collaborate.

Are you open to full-time, part time jobs and/or freelance projects?

I am always open to hear from you so feel free to reach out to figure out the best way we can work together.