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Eskalera is a software that builds productive and inclusive work cultures, maximizing your people potential through upskilling and actionable data. The company shifted priorities and decided to go with on-demand micro-burst learning approach. Situational tips and personalized recommendations right at your fingertips.

I successfully guided the Eskalera mobile application following Agile/Scrum methodologies from initial concept to full development reducing design iteration cycles by 40%, culminating in its successful launch in the competitive market. We introduced gamification as well as several learning-industry standards to make the app enjoyable and actionable. I was also responsible for creating and maintaining the design system consistent across all devices.

"Diego was instrumental in bringing new products to market. His leadership, style, work ethic, and values are just as high quality as the UX/UI considerations he brings to the table."

— Jake Canull, Growth @Eskalera
Several types of content within slides
Iterations around the style of badges/accomplishments

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