Geo-Location within a food app

Geo-Location capabilities within a delivery app

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Kitchen United MIX is the first “Multi-Restaurant Ordering” to-go experience in the US. It’s the only destination that allows foodie fans who love variety to order meals from 10+ restaurants, all on the same bill.

There was a need to include geo-location capabilities to better communicate pick up times, distances and delivery ranges to users.

This project was developed during my engagement with Zagalabs.


- There was frustration because there was not a way for consumers to know how far the kitchen center is from their location.

- Delivery addresses need to match the delivery range for kitchen centers.

- Orders are attached to a specific kitchen center, so there is an edge case where users want to see their past orders while shopping from another location/kitchen center.


- Create an user journey that allows consumers to indicate their location and get an understanding on the relationship between location, kitchens and delivery ranges.

- Minimize the impact of the edge cases such as user is out of range and/or ordering from a different location than the one they used to place previous orders, all while allowing them explore the menu.

Finding a KU MIX Location

The menu is attached to a kitchen center, which contains multiple restaurants. There is a need to locate the user to determine which menu they will shop from.

Users would have the option to enter an address manually, activate their GPS (ideally) or choose a MIX location from the list of kitchen centers they have available throughout the US. If going with the latter, then the app is location-agnostic which allows foodies to explore the menu but they will need to indicate their location if ordering for delivery.

Users have multiple options to indicate their location or simply choose the location(kitchen center they want to shop from

If users decide to activate their GPS or type their address manually, they would be asked to pin it in the map and confirm the address. This gives them a visually aid to indicate their location. Needless to say that by having GPS active, the app will always know where they are so it will show the nearest kitchen center accordingly.

Edge case: User is not within delivery range

Even though the app is locating the user, they may be in a place outside of delivery range.

The app then will communicate that to the user and allow them to order for pickup.

Left: Outside the delivery range - Right: Within delivery range

Edge case: Entering from an URL

Many users see an ad from a restaurant on social media or get into a restaurant page using a direct link. The app wouldn't know where the user is but still show them the restaurant's page ordering for pickup by default. If the user wants to get their food delivered, they will be asked to indicate their location to determine whether or not they are able to get their food delivered.

Left to right: Recently got into the app from a link, location entered and pick up is the mode selected, out of delivery range and delivery mode is selected.

Edge case: Re-ordering

The app supports a 're-order' functionality. If an user placed an order in Pasadena's Kitchen Center, they won't be able to re-order if they are in Austin. Orders are attached to a specific kitchen center within a city.

Users can see the order details but can't re-order if they are shopping from a different kitchen center than the one the order was originally placed from.

There is a new messaging that explains why certain products are not available, and if they want to add them to the basket, they will need to change their location (i.e selecting the kitchen center attached to that order).

We have a clear message for users to know why certain products are not available.

Key takeaways

There are tons of startups that want to add features on top of features without asking if they are really providing any value to the user. At the same time, those bunch of features may have a lot of flaws when edge cases are not considered.

The "we will figure it out as we go" mindset may harm the user experience. One person that can't accomplish a task results in around 3 or 5 others that won't try the product (word of mouth is still impacting people's decisions when it comes to buy or try services and products).

When thinking of features, improvements of the flow, user journeys, we need to consider all the possible edge cases not only from the user perspective but also technical and business' constraints so we are always creating solutions instead of more problems.

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