A site for professionals to gain reputation and get hired

Lead Designer


JobPros' mission is to create open access to Jobs & Networking for hair, face, and body professionals at first, then transitioned into serving to professinals in all industries.

There was a need to create communities that allows these professionals to leverage their talent and connect with like-minded people. Establishing and growing their brand is one of JobPros' top priorities, so they provide students, professionals, companies, schools, & recruiters with tools and valuable resources to be successful.


We worked to bring their new brand to life in a fully optimized digital experience, with content generation and thought engagement at the center.

How might we create a site that helps professionals get hired and grow their reputation online?

The goal for this project was to create demand, increase customer acquisition and integrate portfolios and jobs in the same platform. In a nutshell, the site had to:

  • Help professionals apply for jobs showing their talent and what they are capable of.
  • Allow professionals to showcase their work and get hired on their own terms.
  • Allow professionals to gain reputation and money with a fan base.

Find work

For this site, it doesn't make sense for you to upload a resume when applying or jobs. We need to help professionals show their capabilities so the site allows them to show the recruiter the pieces of work that are relevant for the position.

Set preferences for your job applications

Find and apply to jobs

Show recruiters what you are capable of by adding pieces of your work to the application. Also, you can write a pitch telling them why they should hire you.

Get hired for gig projects

The site allows professionals to showcase their work and get hired on their own terms. There is a marketplace section for them to list their services, pricing packages and get hired from brands of all sizes.

List all services to be advertised in the site

Companies will visit the "Find Talent" tab and search for services and professionals that suit their needs

Gain reputation

Besides applying for jobs and showing your portfolio along with services to charge for, you can also grow your reputation and customer base by having subscription packages (only ELITE Members) or be a part of the community sharing posts, videos, livestreams and more.

Get featured in the community sharing photos, videos and livestreams

Follow the conversation on posts and connect with other talented individuals

A single hub for all your posts, livestream schedule, subscription packages and more

Referral program works for the site to be full of talented individuals and give you cashable rewards for being awesome