Offers & Rewards

Venmo was exploring ways to facilitate users to get their merchandise loyalty benefits seamlessly while paying with Venmo in store. Simultaneously, there was a need to increase activation and adoption of the QRC (QR code payments for customers).

The latter was going to allow marketing to construct offers where the user has to make multiple purchases to redeem the rewards e.g, construct earn $109 cash when you make 5 purchases at, say, Burger King. In summary, users needed to make transactions using their QRC from Venmo to unlock rewards.

From the user perspective, main goals of this project consisted of:

  • Discovery: users should be able to discover all the campaigns and understand the details and what they need to do to unlock the benefits.
  • Tracking:¬†users should be able to track their progress and the rewards they've earned in the campaigns they have chosen to participate in.

I worked with the project manager to ideate the concept and best way to leverage Venmo's design system to bring the concept to live in the app.

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